Bottom-up emissions calculation (in ClimateView)

In ClimateView you can decide to calculate your total emissions from bottom-up. This means, that the total emissions for your city are calculated based on the data you entered across your parameters instead of manual calculations outside of ClimateView.

The Transition Drilldown will always show the bottom-up calculated total emissions and savings per Transition Target, and therefore Transition Target grouping. The Emissions Drilldown will calculate the savings bottom-up but mirrors the total emissions according to the values you've entered manually for each sector and sub-sector in the ClimateBoard.

Note: If you've already entered the emissions per sector and sub-sector into your ClimateBoard manually, switching to bottom-up calculations doesn't delete the previously entered amount of emissions. By choosing to calculate the emissions bottom-up, the values in your emissions nodes will change. You can revert to your previously entered values by going back to setting emissions manually.