Publishing your Dashboard 

In this article you'll learn what publishing your Climate Action Plan with ClimateOS means and how you can do it.

Publishing your Climate Action Plan with ClimateOS is only possible for users with a Collaboration subscription. 

Currently it's not possible to "un-publish" through a function in the tool. If you published your living Climate Action Plan but want to undo it, please send us an e-mail to In any case, the URL is not searchable publicly, it can only be found by the unique URL.

The Dashboard is a powerful communication and engagement tool. Through its interactive and high quality visual interface, it allows your citizens to get an overview of your Climate Action Plan on a single page. In doing so, it can be a central space for engaging external and internal stakeholders, and bringing more stakeholders into the conversation around which pathway to net-zero to follow.

As commented above, you don’t need to publish only when you are ready for implementation, but can also make work in progress transparent and be used for consultation for your draft plans. Therefore, we highly recommend publishing your Dashboard at points where it will maximize your ability to co-create and harness collaborative intelligence in your municipality.

Before publishing your Dashboard, please do take a moment to make sure that it contains all the necessary information that is needed for the public to understand your transition. Similarly, please confirm that you are happy to have the information shown in the Dashboard  in the public domain. In order to do that, please refer to the article on Building the Dashboard. To see how your public-facing Dashboard is going to look after publication, click on the Dashboard tab in the upper navigation menu and then on Preview.

Publishing the Dashboard makes your Climate Action Plan built in ClimateOS available to the public. To do this, on the same page, click the Publish button in the top right corner.

After clicking on Publish and reloading the page the button Go to board will be clickable. Next to this button, you will also see when you've published the Dashboard last.

By clicking on Go to board, a new window opens, showing the Dashboard of your ClimateBoard. The URL you see in the address field, is the public URL of your public Dashboard. Share this link with internal and external stakeholders and embed it into your city's website for everyone to find.