Your digital living climate action plan: The ClimateOS Dashboard

This article gives you an overview of how the dashboard section of the ClimateOS platform helps you visualize your transition to net-zero.

After going through your city’s inventory, modeling pathways and defining actions, you are now ready to advance to the final - and perhaps most important - stage of your climate action planning: the Dashboard.

Your city’s dashboard is where all the hard work you have put into building your plan comes together in one panoramic view, framed by a holistic narrative about your city’s climate transition. It shows your transition start year’s emissions, the amount of emissions you are addressing with it, and how they are distributed by sector. If you have emission figures from years preceding your transition start year, you can extend the timeline shown backwards and set a board start year. Between the board start year and the transition start year you can then fill out historical emissions.

Publishing your ClimateOS Dashboard gives your citizens and any other interested stakeholders the opportunity to take a deep dive into when and how you are planning to decarbonize your city. You can add a high-level narrative for your climate transition and your policies together with commitments at the bottom of your Dashboard landing page.

To get to your city's Dashboard click on “Dashboard” in the upper navigation menu and then on “Preview”: