Transition element

A Transition element points to an activity whose impact is to be shifted in your city — from a high carbon state to a low carbon state while still satisfying the same need. For example shifting from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric cars, cycling and public transport.

Each Transition element is

  • A universal building block, meaning that you can "activate" all necessary Transition Targets for your city in a modular way.
  • Based on a strict mathematical model, making it possible to calculate the carbon abatement and primary indicators.
  • Able to connect strategies and actions to the shift you are creating.
  • Interconnected, meaning that it affects other Transition elements, and is affected by others (e.g. installing a heat pump is typically done in connection with retrofitting).

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Transition element types

In general, we distinguish between four different types of shift the Transition elements model. Those are: